Promises We Keep

Promises We Keep

For more than 170 years, Canadians have trusted Canada LifeTM to deliver on the promises we’ve made. One of those important promises includes paying out death benefits when a claim is made for someone covered
by one of our life insurance policies. In fact, we pay almost every claim we receive.
And when we don’t pay claims, there’s a good reason. You can depend on us when it really matters.

You can depend on us

We paid:

• More than 99.5% of life insurance claims we received from 2014 to 2018*
• $1.4 billion in life insurance claims in 2019*
• More than 90% of submitted claims within eight business days of receiving all paperwork.

What about claims we didn’t pay?

In some situations, we can’t pay an insurance claim – for example, where there’s fraud or misrepresentation. This isn’t a problem for most clients, but it does happen.

There when you need us

We’ve based our reputation on keeping our promises. We’ll be there when you or your family needs us the most.


Claire Freemans Story


Dave and I were married for 27 years and we have three kids.

My husband Dave Freeman was a pilot for about 20 years, and later decided to take a new career in manufacturing. About two years ago, Dave had a very bad backache, and it progressively got worse. After many medical visits and tests, doctors discovered he had multiple myeloma, a form of blood or bone cancer. There is no cure. He was only 50 when he died.

Dave always believed in insurance protection, so he made sure the family was well covered. Before this experience, I wasn’t a great believer in life insurance. I thought it might be a waste of money.

Canada Life met their promise. They paid out the life insurance policy, which means my mortgage is covered and I’m going to have an income for life. Financially, I have no worries. It takes a lot of pressure off myself and my kids. Their education is covered.

Keeping the property means everything. It’s where I always wanted to retire, and I’ll probably live here forever.

This is the dream – to stay here on the property and heal my heart.

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