AU Canadian Dollar/Australian Dollar1.1312
CH Canadian Dollar/Swiss Franc0.6629
CN Canadian Dollar/Chinese Yuan (offshore)5.265
CR Canadian Dollar/Costa Rican Colon363.7727
CU Canadian Dollar/Cuban Peso18.697
DO Canadian Dollar/Dominican Peso43.0029
GB Canadian Dollar/British Pound0.584
IN Canadian Dollar/Indian Rupee60.6616
JM Canadian Dollar/Jamaican Dollar112.7784
JP Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen112.2879
MX Canadian Dollar/Mexican Peso12.4012
RU Canadian Dollar/Russian Ruble68.1781
TR Canadian Dollar/Turkish Lira23.6747
US Canadian Dollar/US Dollar0.7261
XAG Canadian Dollar/Silver (ounce)0.0257
XAU Canadian Dollar/Gold (ounce)0.0003
XPT Canadian Dollar/Platinum (ounce)0.0008
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